Are allergies to dogs too?

Not limited to dogs, animals have the function of "immunity" to protect the body from the invasion of pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. However, the system of immunity that protects this body is not harmful pathogenic bacteria, it reacts sensitively to foods and pollen which should be inherently harmless, and it may hurt ourselves, which is called "allergy". The substances that cause these immune reactions
Antigens are called "antigens", and among them, antigens that cause allergic reactions are called "allergens".

As well as humans, dogs are known to have various allergies.

Such an allergy is ...


Symptoms caused by allergies range from digestive symptoms such as dermatitis, rhinitis, eyelid inflammation and enteritis. Among them, skin symptoms are often found, and all things such as protein, pollen, house dust, etc. contained in flea saliva become allergens, symptoms such as itching, rash, redness, hair loss etc are seen. Also, even if you do not touch the allergen directly, skin symptoms often occur due to allergens invading the body due to breathing and diet.

Once diagnosed as an allergic disease


    For allergic diseases, there are many symptomatic treatments for suppressing symptoms, and effective treatment methods that lead to root resolution are not yet found.

Steroids and antihistamines are often used to treat pets, but if treatment is prolonged, we are worried about the side effects of these drugs.

If symptoms are severe now, you need to relieve the symptoms first with medicine. At the same time, the owner can eliminate the cause of allergy from life.


    For example, if you are allergic to food, try a hood that uses ingredients that do not contain your pet's allergen.

It is also important to eat various kinds as much as possible without deviating the ingredients into one kind.


    If you react to pollen, house dust, etc, you may want to try using an air purifier. Since pets are living close to the floor, it is also a good idea to wipe them frequently so that dust and dirt will not collect on the floor.

    It is good to keep track of the cause by examination in order to make measures against allergies without waste.



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