Dog discipline begins with 'eye contact'

'Eye contact' is so important that it is even called the basis of all etiquette.

Looking in the eyes means ‘paying attention’ and eye contact between dogs and their owners also shows that their relationship is built on trust.

■ Why eye contact is important for dogs?

Most animals, including dogs, hate to make eye contact.

Because making eye contact can mean a challenge to animals.

Then, what do eye-to-eye connections mean to dogs?

The ability to make eye contact means dogs can be controlled, and are ready to listen to their master's commands. 'Eye contact' means a lot because dogs behave in response to their owners.


■ First step of communicating between owners and dogs

-Make dogs recognize their name

If dogs look at you when you say their name, praise them. There is no specific training method, but constant training is necessary to allow them to make eye contact anywhere.


-Praise and give treats

If dogs respond and make eye contact when you say their name, praise and reward them with treats. Give them treats first and then praise them is the best way.


-Challenge by slightly changing the situation

If your dog is far away from you, call his name. When he turns to look at you, praise him. If he looks at you, but he is distracted or does not stare at you, do not call his name several times. When he pauses for a while and makes eye contact, praise him.



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