Pick-Up Preparation


Puppies are full of curiosity and like to play with toys. They like to identify something by gnawing and biting things. Also, they often bite things because when their teeth grow, they cause itching, so it is important to prepare to chew toys for teething (e.g. rope toys, balls, etc.). Watch out for toys with small parts as puppies may swallow them.


Food bowls and water bowls

A bowl type dish that contains food and it is recommended to use the same type of food and water bowl. It is advised to use ones that can be disinfected such as stainless steel and ceramics!


Food selection

For dog meals, choose the one with a ‘complete nutrition’ label. 'Complete nutrition' contains all nutrients that dogs need, so it helps maintain an ideal nutritional balance to keep dogs healthy just by feeding it along with fresh water. The amount to feed is determined based on their weight. It is important to measure their development every day to ensure that they get an appropriate amount of diet.


Dog houses

Choose a large house if possible. If dogs have a designated place to sleep such as a cage, house, or dog bed (cushion, blanket, and towel), they feel a sense of security.



Treats are essential for training! Prepare dog treats that are easy to digest, and make sure not to feed them too much.



Family training is the most important for dogs to remember their potty areas, but smell and touch also play a supplementary role in training. It is recommended to use a pad that dogs have grown accustomed to its touch since young and it is important to create an environment that allows dogs to feel comfortable when relieving themselves. Avoid places that are dark, cold, or where many people pass by.


Carry bags (soft type)

This bag is used when bringing dogs to places like hospitals. The fabric bag is light, making it suitable for short outings.



Brushes come in various types, depending on their use − a brush used to groom long-haired dogs or a slicker brush used to reduce mats. You can groom your dog’s hair and keep their skin clean by choosing a proper brush.



Get your dogs to wear a collar at home to get used to it before going for a walk. It is advisable to choose a material as soft as possible.


Lead or harness (torso strap)

A lead is an essential item to prevent dogs from getting lost. It is advised to get your dogs to be used to a lead or harness at home before vaccination, so they can get familiar with it. As a collar can apply damaging pressure to dogs, choosing a harness especially for small dogs would be a good idea.



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