Pick-Up Day

Cautions when picking up dogs

When picking up dogs, a special dog cage is necessary to move them safely. When you bring dogs, put them in a cage instead of hugging them, and move slowly to avoid shaking. It is also recommended to figure out their food and potty time and bring them home during the day rather than the night.

On the first day of bringing a new dog home, all family members pay attention to the dog by sitting around him or patting him. However, dogs are extremely stressed when their environment changes. Therefore, it is advisable to make dogs feel comfortable.


When arriving home

Dogs get anxious when their environment changes. First, it is important to allow dogs to be familiar with a room, so they can feel safe at home. Take them to a dog room and make them rest.


Potty training from day 1!

Placing potty pads around the floor and putting a dog house on the pads would be helpful for the dog to remember their potty spot. When the dog is sniffing around and circling, take the dog to the potty pad and let him relieve himself and then reward him with praise. If the dog does not potty right away in an open area, cover the surrounding to allow him to eliminate there. Do not stare at the dog too long or make him nervous.

※ You might want to start potty training from the first day. It is important for dogs to remember as soon as possible.

Regular toilet breaks : 1. When arriving home 2. After eating 3. After waking up 4. After drinking water


When it's time to eat

Dogs might not eat because they are nervous and anxious. Feed a small amount to them depending on their condition, rather than forcing them to eat.

Meals should be served at the same times and place. Serve them in a safe place. Be sure to provide water as well.


When barking at night

Even dogs bark at night, you should not look into their house or take them out of their house, because if you take of them every time they bark, barking can turn into a habit. Barking will gradually improve after a week at the longest.

If you play with them enough during the day, they might deeply fall asleep from being tired so increase activity time.



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