How to name a dog

Simple and short name

The key to naming dogs is making it as simple and clear for them to understand when they are being called. Long and complicated name can make them difficult to understand and confuse them. Even though it does not matter when you call them, choose a name that allows people to easily distinguish female and male.


Avoid similar names to close people or other dogs.

It is best to avoid names that sound a lot like the name of another family member or similar to other dogs' names around you. When raising several dogs, it is good to choose a name that sounds unique from all the rest. When another dog is called, he may mistakenly respond to it, or he may not recognize when he is called.


Let the dogs remember their name.

When you teach your dog to recognize his name, look him in his eyes while calling his name. Then give him the treat to make him think “A good thing happens when it is said.” He will then come to you when his name is called.



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