Let's have a fun dog with a dog ♪

What do you mean to take a walk for the dog?

Dogs love to walk. The reason is that in the capture instinct that a dog possesses it runs to catch prey

It is because an instinctive desire is satisfied.

In addition, dog walks have merits such as preventing dogs' lack of exercise (diet), activating the nervous system, learning social nature, and diverging stress.

What do you need during a walk?

Collar (or Harness) · Lead

Harness and collars have advantages and disadvantages, respectively.

Collars are easy to control movement, but there is a disadvantage that when the dog pulls, the neck is pressed and painful.

The harness is less burdensome to the neck, but it is hard to control so let's choose one that fits your dog either harness or collar.


Up to 3 times the weight of the dog 's weight is added to the lead at maximum. Therefore, leads may be damaged, so please check the strength of the leads first. Also, let's check on the metal fittings for rust and scratches on a daily basis. In addition, to prevent accidents, please be sure to observe the applied weight of the lead.


Plastic bag/ Toilet Paper

Please prepare in preparation for excavation during walking.
Let's clean up with responsibility when walking.


Because the body temperature rises during walking, I do panting (quick and shallow, breathing sea breeze) to adjust the body temperature.

At this time, the dog is adjusting the body temperature by evaporating moisture in the mouth, so at the time of walking please prepare the water and supply hydration while watching the appearance.

Indication of the identity of the dog etc

When a dog gets lost during a walk and it is protected somewhere, let 's put on things to show your identity from usual so that anyone can see the owner immediately from the outside.

I do not know what happens to both my owner and my dog while on a walk.

In case of unforeseen circumstances during walking, it is safe to carry with the thing that shows the identity of the dog or the owner's information.

What are the precautions for a interesting walk?

☑ Please stop dragging me off force.


Ideal for leads while walking a little loose. It is not preferable that the dog strongly pulls the owner, and the lead is stretched by the pin.

There is a method called a lead shock as a training method, but it is only pain for a pet dog.

As a cause for the dog to pull the lead, it is thought that you think

that you can go to your favorite place.

I do not mind letting the dog go in the direction he wants to go, but if the dog pulls the lead as he pulls the lead, in order not to think that he can go to the place he likes, he will stop and stop as soon as the lead is loosened Let's see.


☑ When you walk around other dogs and people


While walking, if it barks to other dogs and people, immediately pull a lead a little while saying "No!", "Leave me!", Approach the dog, stroke my back and stroke my warning heart You should give it up.


☑ When not walk, what is the problem?


It is considered that dogs do not walk while walking when there is something scary.

When the dog stops walking, instead of pushing the lead by force and forcing him to walk, first check whether there is nothing to frighten the dog

Move to a quiet place to calm down and stay close to the feelings of the dog and wait until the dog settles down with peace of mind.


☑ When trying to pick up?


When the dog is trying to pick it up, let's scold the moment you try to put it in your mouth!

It's better to scold when not trying to smell the smell, but try to put it in your mouth.

It is also one way to stop picking up by bringing the leads short so that they can not eat and pick up the dog picks up and eats up the owner and gives a reward.

What are the precautions for a fun walk?

Let's take a walk while communicating in order to make a pet dog and

owner take a more enjoyable walk with each other ♪

"It's getting cooler." "It feels good looking." "I have pretty friends." Talking while talking and talking about the dogs while communicating with the owner can take a walk and pet dog satisfaction The degree should rise more. If this relationship is properly established, the pet dog will react to the owner's behavior.

Before you get excited by looking at other dogs, you can also direct attention to this, so even though you think about discipline, it is very important to take a walk while communicating with your dog. It is a thing.


A walk is one of enjoyment for dogs. A walk for the dog is exactly the time of refreshment.

Of course, there is no need to forcibly go when the owner or dog's condition is bad or the weather is bad, but it would be nice to have a pleasant walk for your dog and owner!



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