How to take a bath of a dog. Feels good!

Tips to keep your dog healthy by keeping it clean ♪

Unlike humans, sweat glands are also found in the paws and in the part covered with hair.

Because the body rarely sweats, it does not release extreme "sweat odor". On the contrary, pollutants from the external environment, stains on walking and bacteria tend to breed easily releasing "dirty odor" of dogs.

If you start smelling stuff, it will hurt the common life with the owner

In order to keep skin and coat clean, it is better to take a bath once or twice a month.

The reason why a dog dislikes a bath depends on the dog, but it is various.

■ When not accustomed to water

■ When the sound of the hair dryer is scary

■ When the smell such as shampoo is tough

■ In case you can not move

■ If you have a bad feeling in the bath

Dogs develop more than 1,000 to 100 million times olfaction and about 4 to 10 times

higher hearing than people.

Therefore it is very sensitive to odor and sound so be careful.

Please check before your dog's bath


 ✔ How often do you shampoo your dog?

 ✔ The temperature of hot water? 

 ✔ Steps for shampooing?

 ✔ For pets who do not like baths?

Please brush before the shampoo.

Let's shampoo before brushing in order to remove small garbage, old skin, unnecessary hair, hair loss that is stranded on the hair.


The procedure of brushing a dog is in principle done from the back or waist with less resistance when the dog is touched.

Brushing the sensitive ears and feet last.

First of all, pass the brush through the tip of the hair, take out dust, hair loss and entanglement. Do not forcibly pass the brush through the part that is becoming a pill, let it pass through the brush after fleeing with a fingertip.

Please wet the entire body.

- Set the temperature of the shower hot water slightly tepid (36 ℃ ~ 38 ℃). ※ Individual differences in temperature

Since the dog is sensitive to the sound, weak the water pressure, lightly press the shower head against the skin and apply hot water in the order of [butt → hind limb → back → chest → forepaw → face]. Wet the whole body firmly, open the pores, let the dirt emerge.

Procedure to wet the whole body

Ort → hind leg → back → chest → forepaw → face

What is the temperature of hot water?

Basically, it is said that 36 ~ 38 degrees is good, but the sensible temperature changes according to the season.

You feel the temperature with the softest skin on the back of your elbow, and the comfortable temperature is considered a comfortable temperature for dogs.

Around 35 ° C


Around 38 ° C


In winter, please warm up the bathroom.

When shampooing in a bathroom in the house, let's put hot water in the bathroom wall or floor in advance by shower, in the bathtub if you have a lukewarm water, let's not feel the temperature difference.


 Basically, for a dog, the bath is deprived of body freedom, the water pressure and temperature of the shower is applied, and the movement of stroking the coat is stressful. Therefore it is important to forcefully recognize that bathing is fun rather than "pressing down" with force.


Please wash the forelima and hind legs.

Finally I will use Mum Shampoo bar from here. Mumuto shampoo bar to rich bubbles, from the base of the limb to the dirty feet, carefully wash so as to grasp and grab one by one.

Because the inner thigh is a dirty part, wash it carefully in particular.


 Please clean the parts where the meat balls and dirt easily accumulate gently repeated about 1 or 2 times.

Example) After walking, meat balls where dirt is accumulating, surroundings of dirty buttocks, around the mouth with food attached


 If you stand nails when washing, it will hurt the dog's skin so please wash it gently with a feeling like massaging the dog with your palm or finger's belly.

Please wash the buttocks and inner thighs.

Using a mumto shampoo bar, first lift the tail and lightly whip about the hole in the buttocks.

Because the inner thigh is a dirty part, wash it carefully in particular.

Please wash it's chest and back.

In order not to hurt the skin, I will whisk like massaging the body using the belly of the finger.


In the case of the chest, dirt is easy to accumulate, so it is rare to wash strongly, but it is easy to dislike because there are internal organ.

Please massage gently without putting strength.


Please wash the face.

As usual skinship, wash gently so that the partner 's face is wrapped in both hands and stroked.


 When washing your face, be careful not to let water in the eyes and ears, around the eyes wet the towel or gauze

Use it. Also, for dogs who do not like shedding their faces by shower, consider the face as parts. Top of head, right ear, left ear, right cheek, left cheek, right mouth, left mouth, and submandibular. I will flow these carefully one by one.
Nevertheless, for the dog who does not like it absorbs water with a clean sponge, so as not to make sound as much as possible, as if the mother dog loves the puppy, I stroke and sprinkle the water contained in the sponge.

Rinse the shampoo

In the order of "head → ear → face → back → chest → forepaw → tummy → posterior → hind leg", bubbles are dropped from the high position of the body

I wash away the shampoo with such feeling. Better to keep bubbles between your fingers, around your ear, and your stomach, so be careful.

At this time, putting your hand on the chin of your dog and keeping your dog's face down does not prevent hot water from entering your nose and eyes.

Towel dry to suck up the water.

When you have finished taking a bath, please wipe the dog's body gently wrapped with a towel.

Use regular towel to remove moisture more firmly. By reducing moisture, blowing time can be shortened.

Please dry the head → neck → chest → stomach → forelimb / hind leg

From the buttocks toward the neck, I will dry it carefully. While peeling the coat with a brush, scrape the coat and dry the skin as well.

If the dog 's hair is semi - dry, moisture will come out of the hair root and it will be steamed. So I will dry it firmly from the ground.


 If moisture remains on the skin it will steam and become a source of dermatitis and odor.

So after the shampoo it is important to dry the skin and coat sufficiently.


 If the dog is not used to the sound, if you put it in "strong wind" mode it will be a lot of stress.

Let's get used to sound enough beforehand or use "weak wind" even if it takes some time.

Check and finish.

After blowing to the end of the tail, check every corner by crushing the coat or scrubbing the whole body to see if there is a semi-dry part up to the background. The last is completed by brushing as a finish.


 I will give you compliments and snacks.

To prevent dogs from having a bath as a negative event, when you are shampooing, give a snack to the dogs occasionally to neutralize your stress. It is also important to give a gentler voice to say "Nice" when washing your body.

So it is important to think that bathing is not a negative event but a fun time to eat snacks.

Head → Ear → Face → Back → chest → forepaw → tummy → posterior → hind leg

Procedure for shampoo



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