The best break time of an important pet.

Turn a dry coat into a silky smooth coat ♪

Like a human being, a dog lives while feeling various emotions and stress.

Pets also need a break from the everyday influences

which inflicts stress on the mind and body.

While achieving relaxation and harmony of the mind and body by warming the body,

you can also achieve clean silky-smooth coat.

   Reason why pets also need a spa

■ Removal of fine dust and waste matter remaining after shampooing

■ Stress reduction (relaxation effect)

■ Improvement to dry skin tendency

■ Dry coat improvement

■ Skin inflammation prevention

Melt and stir bath additives well before bathing.

Before entering, melt the bath additive well before bathing. It is effective to use a slightly warm water (about 36 ℃ ~ 38 ℃). Individual differences in temperature should be made depending on the season and environment. Try and feel the temperature of the water with the back of the elbow. If it feels comfortable, it is likely that it is also comfortable for your pets. When the water's temperature is ready, melt a suitable amount of premium spa and mix it well for the maximum effectiveness.

It is important to dissolve bath additives before bathing. However, it is sometimes decided that putting too long will reduce its effect as the temperature of the hot water drops. Please start the spa before entering a maximum of about 3 minutes when you add a bath agent.

In winter, it is easy for body temperature to fall, so warm time is good.
Because the temperature in the room is also decreasing in the winter, the temperature of the dog's body after raising from the bath also falls sharply. If possible, let's increase the temperature of the bathroom and the room beforehand and do not feel the temperature difference. Also, if you take a bath during the day when the temperature is high, you will not have a burden on your body.

Please insert so that you get used to hot water slowly in the order of "buttock → hind leg → back → chest → forepaw".

Like a human being, if a pet suddenly puts in hot water, it will be surprised and scared of the bath. Be sure to insert slowly in order of 'hips → hind legs → back → chest → forepaw' in order to get used to hot water gradually so that you can enjoy the spa without fear.

Please use a bathtub for pets.
Human's big bathtub may be afraid. If you need to look at the situation and use the pet bathtub, the size is also good, Pets can also take a bath comfortably with peace of mind.

Please wet the bathwater melted hot water with the towel and put it on your back.

After slowly putting in the spa, please warm the bathwater melted hot water in the towel and put it on your back so that you can enjoy the spa while maintaining your body temperature. Also, if you massage carefully using a wet towel, moisturizing ingredients such as ceramides are contained, so the coat becomes fluffy, you can care for moisturizing skin moisturizing moisture.

 Depending on the condition of your pet, please let us take a bath in about 5 to 10 minutes. Let's adjust the bathing time so as not to strain the pet's body

 Shampoo is the purpose of getting dirty, but the purpose is to care for healthy coat with smoothness by relaxing with massage while sprinkling in the bath. Points do not go against the flow of hair! Do not go crazy! Massage gently along the flow of hair

Please give it to me.

Wash when the spa is over? Do not wash it?

In the case of a bath agent with a moisturizing effect, moisturizing ingredients will soak into the skin and coat and obtain a moisturized effect with smoothness.

Mumuto premium spa can protect the skin and coat with ceramide moisturizing ingredients and natural ingredients, so that you can care for health and moisture.

I will not rinse the bath additives, but please rinse lightly if you are interested.


Dry thoroughly without drying naturally

After taking a bath, if you take off the water with a towel to such a degree that water does not drip, dry it with a dryer while dividing the hair using a brush or the like. We recommend that you dry the puppies and old dogs from their belly so that they do not get cold.

Also, keep warm air blowing too close, pets are surprised and sometimes burned, so keep the temperature too close and not too close.


Most of the wind is wiped with a towel, it is dried naturally or it is dry only on the surface with a dryer, but it is the most important task to dry the coat firmly. If you do not dry thoroughly it may cause your body temperature to fall, in some cases bacteria like damp places may breed and cause body odors and skin diseases.

※ Store the product in a place not exposed to water, keep the bottle cap tightly closed.