Body mist for skin recovery & moisturizing & sterilization

at the same time, healthy and clean pet.

Pet skin is contaminated by external environment, bacteria are easy to propagate due to dirt that arrives when walking.

After walking, of course, it is effective for house dust, bacteria / ticks, sterilization of legs, protection, skin trouble and skin sedation.

Please manage with pet exclusive body mist which can be used anywhere anywhere cleanly.

Habit of becoming health every day! Maintain moisture to the coat just by spraying,

to a healthy skin with a protective membrane.

Recommended for such a child.

■ When there are skin and dandruff that tend to dry

■ It smells even after the bath.

■ Scratch your body well.

■ After walking, there are no body stains or foot stains, but when you are concerned.

First of all, let 's wash your owner' s hands.

Human hands grab and touch various objects in daily life. You also touched and grabbed various things outside today, did not you?

Even if it can not be seen in the eyes, dirt, bacteria, fungi etc are attached to the surface of the hands and fingers unknowingly. So please wash your hands before use.


Spray it towards the base of the coat while letting the coat stand upright.

When suddenly blowing a spray, there is a fear of surprise, please stroke so that you can feel secure by hugging the pet gently.

Please spray in the order of "posterior → hind limb → back → chest → forepaw → face". "

If you inject it away from the coat, the ingredients may not be absorbed sufficiently by the coat, so to brush the coat up with a brush or hand

Please spray as close as possible to the skin while doing. Especially it is effective when spraying places with less coat such as paws and side beside.

Also do not forget to spray on the abdomen, neck, front / back legs and tail.


If necessary, you can use it many times a day. (General skin: 2 to 3 times a day / skin concerned: 5-6 times a day every 2 hours)

Please do not spray directly on pet's eyes, mouth and mucosa. When spraying on the abdomen, let the pet face up or sit down.

Please carefully massage the body soaked in the skin.

Body care is a pet mist that relieves irritation from troubles such as pruritus caused by rough skin by adjusting abundant moisture also to the skin which tends to dry due to various causes and adjusts to normal skin condition. However, since it may not be acceptable for the skin to absorb just as it is sprayed, it is important to allow the skin to absorb as much gentle massage as possible after spraying.

Please let me air dry.

After spraying, brush the coat and prepare it, please air dry.


After use, please be sure to close the lid and keep it in a place not exposed to direct sunlight.

We recommend using only this product.



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