From skin sedation to moisturizing,
natural cream cleansing

Supple shampoo bar

Standard weight: 100 g
Features: - Use natural aroma, minimize skin irritation
· EWG Green grade (0 to 2 grade) raw material used

· Hazardous chemical substances 0%

· Excellent detergency

· Strengthen cleaning power with foam like fresh cream

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Supple shampoo bar

Sweet orange scent (natural aroma)

NO Silicon NO Wax

NO Curing agent
NO Hazardous chemicals!

"Purify with pure bubbles, to a slick skin"


DOG-EGF and naturally derived ingredients, unlimited pure solid shampoo.
It contains plenty of essential oils and vegetable oils finely
Rich bubbles to wash pure up to the corner, to a slick skin and coat.

DOG-EGF formulation


Mumutto studied EGF adapted to the dog and cultured DOG-EGF

(sr-dog polypeptide-1).
We also registered it as DOG - EGF (sr - dog polypeptide - 1) for the first time in the world for International Cosmetic Ingredients (ICID).

(* Registration date 3 March 11, 2016)
※ DOG-EGF is the product name of raw materials developed by us.

EGF is an epithelial cell growth factor present on the skin.
(Helps skin cell growth and production, skin itself healthy skin
It leads to the epidermal growth factor protein. )
Over time, EGF decreases, causing skin aging.
That's why I can protect the puppy's skin with DOG-EGF
It is tremendously important.

Soap containing plenty of naturally derived ingredients


This is a gentle soap that contains a lot of natural ingredients. You can wash gently and properly with the color and flavor of the ingredients as they are.
This soap is additive-free.all colors and perfumes and preservatives
It is soap that you don't use, and you want to think about what is really good for your pet's skin and use for a long time.
Please enjoy the natural, natural feel of use.

Fluffy bubbles like fresh cream


Reason why soft fluff like cream is important.

Bubbles like fluffy cream and pet's fine hair
It acts on pores, sebum, waste products, dust, mite keratin, bacteria,
It cleans mold etc. cleanly with foam and maintains cleanliness.
It is soap containing plenty of naturally derived ingredients so it is very
It is safe because there is no gentle chemical substance.
Foaming is very good when washing pet and dirt easily falls
is. Even when bubbling more, rinsing is easy. I am not good at water
It is very convenient for children who dislike shampoo because they can finish quickly.

Examples of us

· When the coat gets wet with rain water, bacteria breed and

  the whole body gets offensive odor
· After rain, walking on an unpaved road, stepping on a puddle and

  muddy legs and abdomen
· Stomach falls with colitis, loose stools sticky to the coat around the buttocks
· In the case where other dogs licked their faces with other dogs while walking,

  or the body was crowned with other dogs' inch

Aroma therapy


Using carefully selected natural aroma oil

DOG - EGF Oils and herbs used in shampoo bars,
All made from 'Eatable ingredients'.
Coconut oil, orange peel foil, lavender oil,
Rosemary oil is blended luxuriously.
Therefore, a moist feeling continues after washing away.

• Orange peel oil                       • Lavender oil                          • Rosemary oil

Environmentally friendly


Antioxidant / preservative / synthetic perfume / synthetic coloring not use

Synthetic surfactant× Fresh cream foam Economic Environmental protection


Surfactant is always included in shampoo.
The surfactant is contained in soap and common shampoo,
There is a difference. The synthetic surfactant contained in common shampoo is
Even after rinsing the shampoo, I will continue to mix water and oil.
Even if it flows to the sea it does not change. Pet shampoo
Even after rinsing it will remain on the bristles and will continue to mix water and oil there.

Apocrine of pets Protects the hair secreted from sweat glands
The oil that was supposed to be used was made of synthetic dressing
It mixes with moisture on it and adheres there, it becomes a hotbed of bacterial growth, skin trouble.

Odor due to bacteria, pore, that is, itching is a common problem.

Use a powerful new shampoo because it smells ⇒ smell again after shampoo ⇒ skin trouble ⇒

Let's get out of the trouble loop repeatedly by synthetic surfactant.

Main ingredients of shampoo bar



• Casualno

• Orange peel oil

• Coconut oil

• Olive oil

Mumutto uses EWG green grade ingredients.

* EWG sets component safety assessment from 0 to 10 at NPO in the US which presents safe ingredients.


"Comparison test on foam viscosity of

Mumutto DOG-EGF shampoo bar and general shampoo"

"Bubble adsorption test of Mumutto DOG-EGF shampoo bar"

"Why bubbles like fresh cream are important"

Foam like fluffy cream acts on pet's fine hair and pores, cleanses sebum, waste matter, dust, ticks horny matter, bacteria, fungi etc. with a foam to keep cleanliness.

Mumutto shampoo bar which contains plenty of naturally derived ingredients is safe because there is no chemical substance in the skin very gently.

How to use

1. Please brush carefully before shampoo.

Brushing first in order to remove small dirt, unnecessary hair, hair loss associated with coat.

2. Please wet the entire body.

Temperature of hot water is slightly warm, about 36℃ ~ 38℃ is recommended.

Dogs are sensitive to sounds, so it is better to weaken the water pressure.

※ Individual differences in temperature

3. Beat the shampoo bar well and let it get on the skin and coat.

[Forelimce → hind leg → buttock → inside thigh → chest → back → face]

· Massage gently from a place far from the face.

· Be careful not to get bubbles and water in eyes, ears, nose. Where the dirt does not fall off, please clean it once or twice.

4. Rinse the shampoo.

"Head → ear → face → back → chest → forepaw → stomach → buttock → hind leg"

· If you put your hand on the chin of your dog and keep your dog's face downwards,

you can prevent hot water from entering your nose and eyes.

- Bubbles are likely to remain in the fingers, around the ears, and tummy, so be careful.

5. Please dry thoroughly with a dryer or dry towel.

· Dry carefully from the butt toward the neck. If moisture remains on the skin it will steam

and become a source of dermatitis and odor.

· If the dog is not accustomed to the sound,

if it is set to "strong wind" mode it becomes a great stress. Let's use "weak wind".

6. Check and finish.

· Check every corner until there is no semi - dry portion up to the background. The last is completed by brushing as a finish. 

· I will give you compliments and snacks.



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