Are dogs likable and disliked of food too?

I react to smell more than taste, but I like sweet things I like the bitter things I do not like.

Dogs are born to like sweet things and bitter things are weak.

It is known that there are reasons that it is related to many toxic substances as a reason for dislike of bitterness but it is a natural phenomenon for animals.

I have an organ called "taste buds Mirai" that tastes the tongue for both dogs and humans. But the taste bud of a dog is more than a human being

It is much less. Of course, we can understand sweetness, bitterness and sourness to a certain extent, but it reacts to odor rather than the taste of food.

In rare cases, when the owner tries to mix the bitter medicine with rice and try to eat it together, you can see that medicine is mixed with usual rice and different odors. If you hide the medicine out of the rice, it is good to mix the dog well with the favorite cheese or meat etc. If you do that, you will eat it without being aware of the presence of medicine because you will be lost by the smell you love.

Types of taste felt by dogs and humans

A dog can feel "sweet", "sour taste", "bitterness", "salty taste". In addition to this, humans feel "umami (nucleic acid)", but dogs (cats) can feel the "flavor (ion concentration)" which human beings do not feel.

Also, compared to humans, there is a difference that "salty taste" is insensitive.

Pet dog's food type

Classification by life stage

For dogs / cats, it is necessary to select hoods according to the following growth stages. When displaying "general nutrition meal", it is required by "fair competition regulations and enforcement regulations on display of pet food" that it is necessary to accompany the growth stage of the dog or cat to which the pet food is applied I will. The growth stage stipulated in the "Enforcement Regulations" is in order of increasing nutritional requirement

①: "Pregnancy / breastfeeding"

②: "Young dog / early childhood / growth stage or growth"

③: "Adult dog / adult cats / maintenance period or maintenance"

④: If you meet all of ① ~ ③, "All growth stage / all stages"

It is classified as. In general, there is a notation for each life stage as shown in the figure below.

Classification by life stage

NG Food 1


It contains a component called theobromine, which is the same excitatory alkaloid as caffeine, and it is known that when taken in large quantities it stimulates the central nerve and may cause acute heart failure.

NG Food 2

Raw egg

Eggs are a good protein source, but eating raw eggs tends to cause diarrhea. It is better to cook and cook.

NG Food 3

Heated bone

Bird's bones tear vertically when chewing, so sharp points may stab the throat or built-in.

NG Food 4


Lactose contained in milk is digested by the enzyme lactamase. There are individual differences, but dogs tend to have diarrhea because of few enzymes.

NG Food 5


Excess sugar is the cause of obesity. Obesity causes various diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

Sugars also interfere with the movement of liquids purifying bones and teeth, eventually weakening bones and teeth or destroying vitamin C.

Do not give sweets containing sugar.

NG Food 6

A large amount of salt

Dogs like salty taste, so be careful. Excessive salinity is the cause of liver disorder and hypertension. Please do not give sweets such as rice crackers.

NG Food 7


Because it hurts when it puts in the mouth, it does not eat too much, but the irritant wears the stomach, causing not only the cause of diarrhea, but also the liver and kidney may be adversely affected.

NG Food 8

Macadamia nuts

Ingestion by dogs will cause vomiting, as well as weakness, depression, ataxia, hyperthermia.

NG Food 9


Artificial sweetener used for sugarless confectionery and toothpaste Xylitol can cause liver damage when ingested by dogs.

NG Food 10


Depending on the dog, grapes and dried grapes may cause vomiting and diarrhea resulting in acute renal failure.

NG Food 11

Squid, octopus, shellfish

Because it is hard to digest, it will put a burden on the stomach and intestines, causing constipation and digestive symptoms such as diarrhea.

NG Food 12

Green onions

When the ingredients contained in green onion are absorbed from the stomach and intestine, there is a hemolytic effect to destroy the red blood cells in the blood.

Do not give things that extracts such as miso soup and remaining juice from a pot are not directly eaten.

NG Food 13


It is known to cause symptoms such as vomiting due to "persyn" contained in avocado fruits and seeds, and diarrhea.

NG Food 14


It is caused by "ethanol" contained in alcoholic beverages. In addition, there are cases where alcohol poisoning occurred after ingesting dough before baking (due to a certain yeast) or a rotting apple.

When I ate NG food!

Please correctly inform the veterinarian "What, how much, when did you eat."

If you cause poisoning, there is no treatment available at home. Please be consulted at an animal hospital.



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