Skin Recovery, Moisturizing, Sterilizing at Once

DOG-EGF Body Care

Contents: 200 ml


- Give back to healthy skin and coat: Skin sedation + hair growth

· DOG-EGF and golden ingredients of natural ingredients

· Protect skin membrane for healthy skin and coat

· Easy to use with spray type: hypoallergenic body care

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DOG-EGF Body Care

Simultaneous Skin Recovery/Moisturizing/Sterilzation

"Body mist for clean and comfortable skin sedation and healthy coat."


Just spray and supply DOG-EGF with natural ingredients.

Maintain moisture to the coat for a healthy skin with a protective membrane.


DOG-EGF Formulation

Mumutto discovered EGF in pets and further adapted and developed DOG-EGF (sr-dog polypeptide-1.)

In addition, it is the first to register DOG-EGF (sr-dog polypeptide-1) on International Cosmetic Ingredients (ICID).

(※ Date of registration : March 11, 2016)

※ DOG-EGF is the product name of raw materials developed by us.

EGF is an epidermal cell growth factor present on the skin.
(Helps skin cell growth and production, skin itself healthy skin
It leads to the epidermal growth factor protein. )
Over time, EGF decreases and causes skin aging.
That is why it is very important to protect the puppy's skin with DOG-EGF.


Three Secret Recipes From Nature

Anxiolyxia is a plant-based component with rich active ingredients.
It promotes collagen synthesis and protects skin from irritation.
Ganoderma lucidum, such as saponin and betagutan are contained and the effect on the health of the skin and coat is superb.
In addition, Kakurenomi "Qin Emperor" is counted as an sacred grass and valuable tree which is said to boost immune system.
DOG - EGF body care incorporates safe ingredients extracted from plants and has a bactericidal effect which leads to clean coat along with healthy skin.

• Reishi

• Dendropanax trifidus

• Centella

Moisturizes Even The Driest Skin! 

Helps Prevent Itching


Lotion water for pets prevents drying which causes skin troubles by moisturizing the skin.

DOG-EGF and safe ingredients derived from plants are suppresses itching with unique formula of Mumutto.
It can also be used for pets that have weakened barrier function such as atopy and allergic eczema, itching, skin roughness, dry skin and coat.
Because it is hypoallergenic, you can use it all season, any time.

· Generally spray about 2-3 times a day.
· If itching occurs, please spray at intervals of about 2 hours every 5 to 6 times a day.


Low Irritation:

Deodorant and Anti-Bactericidal effect

Please spray on the part of the pet which are susceptible to dust in the house

to prevent various bacteria and ticks.
Excellent sterilization keeps skin and coat clean.

Examples of use

· When the coat gets wet with rain water: bacteria may breed and the body odor may occur
· When you've been licked by other dogs while walking
· When there skin shows signs of dandruff and have a tendency to dry
· After rain, if you walked the pet on dirt road and stepped him/her on a puddle, spray on the legs and abdomen. (Use after shampooing)

We recommend body care for pets with sympotons like

Atopic dermatitis, allergy



Dry Skin

※How to use safely for pets 

When suddenly applying a spray on a pet, you can surprised him/her, please stroke them so that they can feel secure.
While stroking, don't suddenly spray the body in opposite direction of the hair.
After spraying, massage them by stroking so that it is well absorbed by the skin and coat.
Spray not only the torso, but also on the abdomen, neck, legs and tail.
Also, if problems such as atopy and allergy occur, please spray again to help the pet.

 Ingredients of Body Care.


• Ganoderma lucidum

• Dendropanax morbiferus

• Centella

How to use

1. First, wash your hand.

Even if it invisible to the eyes,

dirt, bacteria, fungi, and etc are attached to the surface of the hands and fingers.

Please wash your hands before use.

2. Please spray on the necessary parts.

· When suddenly blowing a spray, there is a fear of surprising, so please stroke gently

and hold your pet securely.

Please spray in the order of "posterior → hind limb → back → chest → forepaw → face".

· If it is sprayed away from the coat, the ingredients may not be absorbed sufficiently by the coat, so please come close the hair to spray the appropriate amount while keeping the coat upright with a brush or hand.

3. Massage the body carefully to help soak it into the skin.

After spraying please massage gently so that the pet can absorb it to the skin.

4. Please allow it to air-dry.

After spraying, brush the coat and let it dry naturally.



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