Do you know how to tell dogs about feeling good?

Instead of talking about human words, dogs use whole body trying to communicate their feelings.

If you have a dog, I think that you have experienced that your dog has been praised for being pleased, or you have seen disgusting and disgusting things. Dogs are, of course, emotional animals, so it appears in expressions and gestures.


A cute dog will shake her tail happyly just watching, you will be healed.

The thing that you should care about here is that it is not always "shaking the tail = happy".

Shake it gently

Move slowly left and right

Shake the ass to the left and right with each butt

Move slowly and greatly

 Point to know the dog's dream ♪

Tail: See the height and how to move ♪

It is difficult to distinguish because the shape is different depending on the kind of dog

In some cases, the higher the lifting height is generally higher, the more advantageous the opponent, and the lower the lower the discomfort and the fear increase.

In addition, emotion also appears in the manner of moving as described above.

Ear: Check the position before and after ♪

When alarming, I will lift it and listen to the surrounding sound.

When bullish, turn your ears and

turn to the front.

When you are happy you will be

pulled backwards but when you are nervous

you will show fear.

Tall: high and low point ♪

Increase posture when you are bullish or intimidate against opponent.

On the other hand, when you are bearish or have fear of your opponent, lower your posture.

Voice: Listen carefully ♪

When delightful, "Bow-wow" gives a bright and light voice.

When anguish and cautionary are held, it gives "low" and a low grin.

 How to express dog's aggression, fear


Aggression · fear



The ear tilts forward and wrinkles on top of the nose.
Simultaneously open your mouth and expose your teeth and give out a voice like "Uh".

When I feel scared and getting caught up I show my teeth while my ears are lying down and raise my groan.

When the feeling of "scary" becomes stronger against the opponent, he / she knocks his ear backward and gives a light grin "Woo".

 It is an action to protect yourself.

When an animal feels fear, he says he shows either reaction to move, escape, attack.

Therefore, it is necessary for an animal that fears to take an action of attack to protect herself, it is necessary and it can be said that it is a normal action.

It is very important for dogs to make good use of animals that have high learning ability and preference for habituality, to thoroughly cooperate with family members and their surroundings, to make love with each other, and to create an environment that can cooperate together.



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