"Premium Water for Important Pet's Health and Vitality"

The most important thing for pets that eat dry food is to have fresh and adequate moisture. When moisture is insufficient, it is said that waste products will not be excreted and discharged smoothly, problems will occur in the kidneys and the ureter, and it will be said that pets will easily become sick. Fullerene (C60) Water is fine water particles (cluster), is quickly absorbed into the body, drains waste products, and provides vitality. Please protect the health of your precious pet with delicious water, fullerene (C60).

Why do I have to give water for my pet?

Unlike humans, the constitution of a pet is different from humans, and its components are differently decomposed and absorbed. Therefore, when you drink a good amount of water (water containing minerals) in the human body, metabolism becomes worse by taking minerals too much, It may cause bad effects on your body. It is important that you pay attention to the amount of good water that suits your pet and watch carefully the number and amount of urination.

Before using "shungite capsule" for the first time, please lightly rinse the capsule body.


If you leave the shungite capsules in plastic bottles or water bottles, black powdery deposits may accumulate.

   This is a sediment of ceramic balls and shungite ores and no harm to the human body. Please use it after gently wash again.


Please put tap water (soft water) and "shungite capsule" together in plastic bottles and water bottles.


Please put one shungite capsule on the basis of 500 ml of PET bottle.

    Everyday, in order to give fresh premium fullerene water, changing bottle water every day is better.


Please rinse well with shiggite capsules put in plastic bottles once a week with vinegar or citric acid water.
    It can be used for about 1 month. (Vinegar or a citric acid is a table spoon with 200 cc glass of water.)
    In case of hot water, please do not use because the container may be deformed.


You can give delicious premium water made up to an important pet every day in 1 hour after putting on the capsule.


About 60 to 70% of dog's body is composed of moisture. Depending on your weight and exercise, it is very important to check the amount of water needed in a day and give an adequate amount of water.


■ The amount of water required for the day (including moisture to be consumed from the hood)

※ Quotation: Pet food / guideline for owner - Ministry of the Environment